What is the use of a chartered accountant in a company ?

There are certain criteria that need to be met when setting up a business. When your start-up is growing, you need a chartered accountant to manage the finances of your business, but what is the real use of a chartered accountant? In the rest of this article, we will talk about the usefulness of a chartered accountant in a company.

What is the purpose of a chartered accountant in a company ?

A chartered accountant is first and foremost a person with the necessary skills and competences for financial management within a company. A company creates wealth. When a company starts to grow and create wealth, there is a real need for a chartered accountant to handle all the financial transactions. It is important to know that a lot of money circulates in a company on a daily basis. The chartered accountant takes care of the financial balance sheets and makes a report on the state of the finances in the company every time. The accountant is also able to give you management advice to better manage the company’s finances. With a good accountant, your company will be stable in terms of financial management.

How to choose your accountant?


The choice of your accountant must respect a certain number of criteria for it to be well done. It is imperative that you first take into account the skills of the accountant you want to hire. By taking his CV, you will be able to analyse the diplomas of this expert as well as the experience that this expert has accumulated over the years. After that, you will have to take into account the opinions of previous bosses. On the CV of your potential accountants, you will find the contact details of their previous employers. You can then contact them and get their opinion on the work they have done. It is also possible to test this accountant to see if he or she has the necessary skills to manage your company’s finances.