How Nano Technology Enhances Your Lifestyle

What is Nano Technology? It is the discovery of materials at their atomic/nano state and using that knowledge to create useful things for humans. Nano means one billionth. A strand of your hair thickness is about 100,000 nanometers. That is how microscopic the atoms in the materials being exploited in nanotechnology are. They are tinier than a strand of hair. This piece will reveal how Nano Technology improves your life on fabric, furniture, car finishing, and computers.

Nano Technology Enhancing Products Functions

Nanotechnology effects are everywhere. It is used in electronics, energy, biomedicine, the environment, food, and textiles. On this website pages are things you use in your home, work, or see everywhere. Nanotechnology help make them work better and perform unique functions.


If clothes makers add nano molecules of Silica to textiles, it’ll keep water away from the clothes. Not only that, but the fabric will repel dirt. Manufacturers may spray a protective coat of Silica on clothes.

They might also add Silica during the knitting of the clothes. When done that way, a finished fabric will become waterproof and dirt proof. An example of nanotechnology in action is your typical raincoats. You will observe that instead of water seeping through the textile, it forms droplets and bounces off the cloth.

Furniture foam

Thanks to Nanotechnology, in the same way you create stain-resistant and waterproof fabrics, the furniture becomes dirt proof and less combustible. Coating the foam on covered furniture with carbon nanofibers prevents it from burning thirty-five percent of the time.

Car paint finishing

Nanotechnology has made it possible to apply a simple coating of nano paint on vehicles. That action prevents the elements and birds fecal matter from destroying your vehicle’s paint. Car upholstery also has a nano finish that prevents them from discoloration and fluid spills.


If nanotechnology didn’t exist, you cannot use different electronic devices at home, at work, or even at play. Today, the manufacturing of computers and other electronic devices benefits from the use of nanotechnology. Computer microprocessors help accelerate the speed of computers. Those minute chips use nanotechnology.

Sun blocker

Sunscreens work because the makers add nano molecules of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Without those tiny materials on the sun blockers, those sunscreens won’t be effective. However, once those materials are added, they block the ultraviolet rays of the sun and protect your skin. Again, you won’t feel those nanomaterials on your skin because they are microscopic.


Nanotechnology makes sealant firmer. The fact is that most glues become less viscous when the temperature is increased. That is not the case with adhesives created with nanomaterials which become firmer with high temperatures.

Tennis balls and rackets

Scientists are discovering new ways to use Nanotechnology in diverse activities and things. They found a way to introduce the make-better-technology in sports manufacturing—tennis balls and rackets. The use of the technology has led to the creation of tennis balls that rebound longer, and more powerful tennis rackets.

Hand Held devices

The science is now widely used to make handheld display electronics, like phones and tablets tinier, brighter, and to perform more tasks, and faster. Additionally, nanotechnology is used for storing data, and in quantum computing.